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begins with the last one or two words of his fa▓ther's name in order to keep the family line going. This practice has been handed down for as man▓y as 55 generations in some families.The Ha▓nis prefer clothing made of home-sp

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lao Mountains▓ are pine, cypress, palm, tung oil ▓and camphor trees, and the forests abound in animals su▓ch as tiger

larless, front-buttoned blouses with the cuffs and▓ trouser legs laced. Hanis in Xishuangbanna wear jackets buttoned on the right side and decorated with silver ornaments. They wear black turbans. Women there, as well as

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nts. Both men and women wear leggings. In Mojiang, Yuanjiang and Jiangcheng, some women wear long, pleat▓ed or narrow skirts, while others have knee-length trousers with embroidered girdl

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